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Academic Affairs Office

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Office of Academic Affairs

The Mission and Goal of this Department :

  • Elevate teaching efficiency
  • Encourage research and development
  • Promote academic communication
  • Strengthen the function of service

In order to achieve the above goals, the department has taken the following measures :

  • To enhance the development of society and the nation, we adjust the direction of the departments and graduate schools; therefore, this Institute will reach the goal of being upgraded to a technology university.

  • To change the academic rules regularly and to administer according to the laws, we improve academic administration and fully support teaching, research, and service.

  • To advocate the ideas of education, we hire excellent teachers, recruit promising students, and cultivate the top technological manpower.

  • To plan the Institute’s system and courses, we educate our students to produce professional men and women with both theory and actual experience.

  • To provide the teachers with a developing and advancing environment, we serve people and society with technologic and scientific academy.

The academic system in day program :

(1.) 5-year junior college, recruiting middle school graduates: To complete 220 credits in 5 years. There are 6 sections in day program:

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
  • Department of Applied Foreign Language
  • Department of Food and Beverage Management

(2.) 2-year junior college, recruiting high school graduates: To complete at least 80 credits in 2 years. At present, the classes are only in the evening program and annex supplementary college. There is 1 sections:

  • Department of Tourism and Hospitality

(3.) 4-year college: To complete at least 128 credits in 4 years. There are 18 departments in day program:

College of Engineering

College of Business & Management

College of Human Ecology

Center for General Education